Budget Friendly Accommodation - From R1599 per month
We offer Budget Friendly Accommodation in Gauteng
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The Perfect accommodation
for You!
We offer a wide range of budget friendly accommodation for – you’ll find the perfect place to call home in one of our properties.

Our selection of accommodation for rent includes affordable options perfect for students and those looking for a budget-friendly yet complete space.

Our properties are located across the city. With such a diverse spread of locations, you won’t have to look far to find the best accommodation for you.

We pride ourselves on the following qualities':

1. Speed
2. Service
3. Satisfaction

These three pillars represent the values that our entire team share. It’s what makes us different from other companies and the reason why we have one of the highest ratings in the industry. It’s about providing grass roots service standards, fast results and ensuring that our service standards are exceeding your expectations.
©Copyright Rhady Housing 2021
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